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Design &Web 10 Jun 2001 06:00 am


Design Size: 150 kb
Designed for: Project JJ
Programs used: Adobe Photoshop 6

Basically, I was bored one night and I spent 4 hours cooking up something new to do.
Eventually, this lead me to the Ice design.
“Keep it cool…” they said, and I threw them on Ice.

Ice Design

Design &Web 10 Jun 2001 06:00 am


Design Size: 64 kb
Designed for: Imperial Strike Fleet
Programs used: Adobe Photoshop 4

A simple and fast, yet good looking, design.

ISF 2 Design

Design &Web 10 Jun 2001 06:00 am

Metallic Vikings (4th generation)

Design Size: 200 kb
Designed for: Clan Deyja
Programs used: Adobe Photoshop 5

This design marked the end of that style for me.
Although, it might return…

Deyja Design

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